Nature-inspired concept

ATRIUM Boutique Hotel Sofia has 5 exclusive nature-inspired apartments set on 3 levels with private rooftop gardens.

Air suite is a spacious and bright open penthouse in white, grey, and blue palettes with luxury vibes.

Earth suite is designed around nature-related colours: brown soil, green leaf, the cloudy sky as well as a red sun, creating a warm atmosphere.

Based on the concept that nature knows best, Forest suite has the palette, library of textures, patterns and motifs from trees and plants.

Gulf suite impresses with its coastal cottage style, defined by seaside elements giving an easy vibe in the big city.

The colours of Moon, Sun and Earth, with a mild blend of lunar and earthy tones, are centered in the layout of Moon suite.

The interior design of ATRIUM Boutique Hotel Suites is done by Sashka Yankova with the contribution of Maria Georgieva.