Private Rooftop Gardens

The green and relaxing rooftop gardens are the hidden gem of ATRIUM Boutique Hotel Sofia. Every suite has its own roof space with natural grass, plants, and trees as well as sunshades and chill out zone. The view of Sofia city center and the mountain is stunning! Environmental quality in urban areas is getting worse by the minute. Green spaces are taken out to make way for concrete structures. Without enough verdant areas, cities will have a hard time alleviating the urban heat island phenomenon and reducing air and noise pollution. The need to control the negative effects of development has pushed new-generation builders, landscape architects, and urban planners to come up with solutions to preserve the optimum quality of the environment. Until the 20th century, having a rooftop garden equated to novelty and wealth. By the 1970s, the first green roofs were manufactured and installed in homes and commercial establishments. Due to today’s landscape in Sofia city, which has less green space, ATRIUM Boutique Hotel with its rooftop gardens is a real urban oasis!